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To celebrate its 80th anniversary, in 2015, SIFI has decided to support socially noteworthy innovations, intended to improve the quality of life of individuals with visual disabilities.

One of these, "ART FOR THE BLIND", was presented during the SIFI Press Conference “Integrated innovations to support the visually impaired”, on November 18th 2015 " from the prestigious Auditorium of the Ara Pacis Museum, home to the initiative. Project completion and inauguration is scheduled for 2016.
Visually impaired visitors to the Museum will be able to achieve greater awareness of their surrounding environment and architecture and perceive the immense value and history of the Ara Pacis monument through poly-sensory exploration of the Monument and the works of art hosted in it. Such an artistic and technological innovation will allow visitors to discover a reproduction of the monument, through tactile examination, while simultaneously activating accurate audio explanations of the area being explored.

ART FOR THE BLIND”, sponsored by SIFI, is endorsed by national associations especially dedicated to the visually impaired: SOI (Italian Society of Ophthalmology); ICM, Institute of the Blind of Milan; IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, Italy Onlus).

The two companies implementing the project in the Museum are represented by the brilliant Venetian start-up Tooteko, founder and experimenter in Tactile Augmented Experiences, currently part of the TIM #Wcap accelerator in Bologna, and Antenna International, responsible for organization and overall management of video and audio-guide services in the Museum. Antenna International is present in over 400 prestigious museums, exhibitions and archaeological sites worldwide.

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