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For SIFI CSR means sharing valuable values to create other values

 Art for the Blind
Art for the Blind is a new audio technology, supported by SIFI, that makes art accessible to the blind and visually impaired through a tactile and audio experience.
The technology is already active at Ara Pacis Museum in Rome.

SIFI supports Sightsavers since 2015 to prevent & treat eye diseases that lead to blindness in the world's poorest countries. In 2018, the company funded 486 cataract operations in Pakistan. In 2019 Sifi supports “Stop Tracoma Forever” helping to change the future to many people.

 La Casa di Toti
SIFI since 2016 supports the first Ethical Hotel in Sicily, “La Casa di Toti”, a Social Enterprise, where individuals with neuro-diversity, will  live & work in a very special hotel.
Since 2019 SIFI also sponsors  Blue café “Ethical Boat” by La Casa di Toti, a sailboat confiscated from human traffickers to sail on a journey of renewed hope and inclusion.

 Lad Onlus
SIFI supports LAD Onlus a project  with the intent to guarantee a "Cure & Care" support for children with serious illness and their families

  Camminare per la Vita 
Since 2019 Sifi supports  "Camminare per la Vita Onlus"  actively engaged in supporting research into the treatment of childhood leukemia. Generous people as Deborah Compagnoni generates synergy between sports, cultural and recreational associations towards human capital that deserves attention and reevaluation.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
Jonathan Swift

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