Keep Alive the Sense of Wonder


Selection Authority

Botanica srl
Supported by SIFI S.p.A.


Administrative office
Radicepura Via Antonio Fogazzaro, 19 (Giarre - CT)
Tel. +39 095 964154

Selection Aim

Project objective is the creation of an educational mini-park/relaxation area in SIFI S.p.A. headquarters, located in Ercole Patti, 36 street (Aci Sant'Antonio - Catania, Italy).

Type of Selection

Selection is announced on an international scale as an open competition of ideas.

Partecipation criteria

The selection committee will take into account individual professionals or teams of emerging architects, landscape architects, agronomists, garden designers, botanists, nursery gardeners, urban planners, engineers, artists, curators and people with the necessary skills to develop and build a garden. The Festival encourages participants to form multidisciplinary teams. The selection committee is also honoured to invite fi¬rms, associations, cooperatives, schools and universities. In any case, all members of the formed groups must be no older than 36 years old on January 30, 2022. Students can have the support of rely upon a professor/mentor who can be over 36 years old. Every designer or member of a group of designers can submit only one application.

Deadline for receiving applications

The deadline for submitting proposals electronically is January 30 at 12.00PM. Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

Further information:

Tel: 095964154

Description of the theme:

The area is located at the bottom of Mount Etna, the majestic and tallest volcano in Europe, and extends to a unique and unvaluable environment, which is rich in scents and colors.
The Call for Ideas is dedicated to the development of an educational garden, located within the area owned by the SIFI S.p.A., in the middle of the area surrounding the volcano.
The design should aim to generate that sense of wonder expressed in SIFI's motto, "Keep Alive the Sense of Wonder" and must be a place of learning and discovery for the young guests of the company kindergarten and relaxation for employees and visitors.

Project guidelines

SIFI's vision focuses on care towards the territory and environmental sustainability. In this view, it is required that the project include the design of a subirrigation system for the exploitation and recycling of purified water.
The key words for the project will accordingly be:
- Children
- Education
- Relaxation, mental and physical well-being
- Recycling
- Wellness

The designer, or the team of designers, will have to integrate the project with a list of botanical species and elements, in addition to the pedestrian path and the artificial pond.

Submission of applications

Applications must be submitted online only, after registering on the website by following the provided directions. Deadline:  January 30, 2022 at 12pm.
Participation is free of charge.

Application documents must be sent in 2 PDF FILES with the following content:

A. One PDF ¬file no longer than 4 pages, horizontal A format, 20 megabytes maximum dimension, including:
•    Project title (do not write the name of the designer/s)
•    A 2000 characters presentation (including spaces) of the proposed garden concept and what visitors could expect from it.
•    A garden plan (minimum scale model 1/25) with notation; the plan must be presented in A3 format with page number on each sheet.
•    A view (sketch, render, axonometric projection) showing the garden
•    Plant list (scienti¬fic names)
•    Various contingent indications, plans and sketches.
•    An estimate of costs of material
N.B. Both PDF ¬les submitted must bear the title of the project.
It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that all diagrams can be read in A3 format and that the pages be numbered with the name of the project on the top of each page.

B. A PDF fi¬le of one page, A3 horizontal format, 10 megabytes maximum dimension, which identifies the team group or the individual designer, including:
•    Title of the project
•    Name of the designer and his/her job or experiences.
•    If the designer is a student, the name of the mentor should be cited as well as the institution, schoolor university from where the designer belongs.
•    Contact information (address, phone number, e-mail, internet website, social media)
•    Brief description of 1000 characters (including spaces) of the designer or the team.
•    photo/s of the designer/s with the following technical characteristics: high resolution, head shot, horizontal image.

By participating in the aforementioned Call for Ideas, Project designers and Contest winners will irrevocably give the right exclusively to Sifi spa to economically exploit the winning Projects, without any territorial and/or time limitations. Candidates also authorise Sifi spa to publish, exhibit and disseminate their projects.

Selection process

The gardens will be selected by an Artistic Jury and a Technical Jury, composed of  a Radicepura Foundation "member", a Representative of SIFI S.p.A., architect, agronomist and landscape gardener, on the basis of:

- The creative response to the theme proposed;
- Originality, coherence and the clarity of the design idea and the potential interaction with the public;
- The way the proposal supports garden art and innovation.
- Feasibility and relevance with the chosen budget.


The designer, or the winning team, will be awarded with a cash prize worth € 2,000.00 donated by Sifi S.p.A.

Processing of personal data (GDPR)

In order to implement this programme Botanica srl is going to collect and process your data, that means: - name and surname – date of birth, - e-mail address, - telephone number, - nationality, - country of origin - profession – newsletter. Personal data will be processed and kept in compliance with dispositions of European Regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR) and current national legislation on the protection of personal data. Consent allows the Organiser to collect, process and keep personal data and will serve as a basis for the processing of the latter. By submitting your application you agree to the processing of your personal data which is an integral part of the programme and participants give their consent to the transmission, collection, processing and storage of their personal data. Personal data will be stored for the time strictly necessary to implement the programme as well as after to comply with all legal obligations connected or deriving from the same. Users also allow the Botanica srl and Sifi spa and their members to use the materials received through any means of communication and without compensation both for auditing and legal purposes as well as for promotional purposes with indication of the author.


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