Sterile balanced saline solution for intraocular irrigation. The physiological pH and osmotic pressure allow for the reduction of trauma during surgery and the protection of the corneal tissue. The solution reduces the dehydration of the external ocular tissue during surgery.

Therapeutic area: CATARACT

Presentation: Balanced Sterile Saline Solution for intraocular irrigation – 500ml bottle


Sodium chloride: 

6.40 g

Potassium chloride: 

0.75 g

Calcium chloride 2H2O:

0.48 g

Magnesium chloride 6H2O:

0.30 g

Sodium acetate 3H2O: 

3.90 g

Sodium citrate 2H2O: 

1.70 g

Water for inject. prep: 

required quantity for 1000 ml

Sodium hydroxide or Hydrochloric acid: 

required quantity at pH 7-7.5


See the Disposables Line:

EASYRING | OCUCHIR SIFIViscotech 1% - 1.2%



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