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Quality, intended as the evaluation of customer satisfaction and compliance with relevant requirements, is a very important value for SIFI and a key factor in order to assure safety, efficiency and reliability of its products.

The result of this commitment is demonstrated by the Company Quality Management System, developed from the decision of SIFI Group’s Executive and Management and certified by an independent Certification Body, assessing compliance of the Company with Quality Standards relevant to the field the company belongs to.


Within the Quality Management System, SIFI has enforced a Quality Policy and established associated targets, originating from the SIFI Group’s strategic plans and aimed at optimizing overall performances and at providing customers with a complete range of products.

The Company, moreover, enforces a model of organization, management and control in accordance with D.Lgs 231/2001 (and following amendments).

Company Certifications

Quality Management System
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 
Certificate ISO 13485
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