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Sifi focuses its attention on the individual and his well-being in society, through CSR projects – Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, making efforts in sustaining the community.

Sifi's mission is to create social profit by supporting those who are most needy.




Discover SIFI's Corporate Responsibility Projects:


SIFI supports Sightsavers since 2015 to prevent & treat eye diseases that lead to blindness in the world's poorest countries. In 2018, the company funded 486 cataract operations in Pakistan. In 2019 Sifi supports “Stop Tracoma Forever” helping to change the future to many people. Read more on


Art for the Blind

Art for the Blind is a new audio technology, supported by SIFI, that makes art accessible to the blind and visually impaired through a tactile and audio experience.
The technology is already active at Ara Pacis Museum in Rome. Read more on
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