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The adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, by all United Nations Member States, was a landmark achievement, providing all countries with a shared global vision towards sustainable development.  

SIFI joins Sustainibility as the new pathway of development that must lead to a better world for our and the future generations.

Sustainibility means the promotion of a new vision and spreading of a new culture, involving three different thematic fields (ESG):


In the last years  SIFI reached an excellent rating in ESG Key Performance Indicators.

Since its foundation, SIFI has invested and promoted quality and respect for the environment.

SIFI believes in applying best practice approaches through the use of environmentally friendly technologies and a rational use of energy, based on energy efficiency audits, constantly working towards a significant reduction of electricity consumption, thanks to constant monitoring and an Energy Efficiency investment program.

To reduce consumption of raw materials and consequent emissions into the atmosphere, since 2013, SIFI's central energy supply station has been implemented by a more efficient and environmentally friendly cogeneration package, powered by natural gas.

SIFI is now planning to increase the amount of renewable energy through a photovoltaic system at the surgical plant.

To improve water quality by reducing pollution SIFI provides for the disposal of waste chemicals and is now projecting an activated sludge treatment plant to reuse purified water for the industrial process and irrigation.
Production waste is constantly collected and redelivered all to encourage eco-friendly recycling where a potential waste becomes a resource again.

The amount of plastic waste by the employees and guests has been reduced by the introduction of reusable steel bottles.



SIFI constantly strives in order to ensure employees' health, work conditions and well-being.

Strategic development includes supporting quality education initiatives and contributing to local communities' development.

SIFI believes in investing in sustainable innovation to increase productivity.

In the last years, SIFI has increased levels of organization, technical and scientific training provided to staff, while maintaining of a perfect balance in male to female employees ratio. Company Welfare includes cafeteria, gym, flexible hours, nursery & temporary housing.


SIFI has a system of internal controls used to inform business decisions, comply with the law, and meet moral obligations to external stakeholders.

SIFI has a sound Board of Directors structure, including independent board members, and an excellent interaction with external stakeholders. 

SIFI has a high quality management system, characterized by recruitment and educational standards intended to provide equal opportunities for all workforce and to maintain a high level of transparency.

In 2019 SIFI established a specific department HSE (Health Safety and Environment) committed to perform all activities and projects aimed at improving overall Sustainibility performance of the company.
 HSE Policy
Certificate UNI EN 14001
Certificate UNI 45001
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